Frequently Asked Questions


How Do We Offer Competitive Pricing?

Good question. Our primary leverage is volume and industry experience. When we purchase material at large scale we benefit from economies of scale in manufacturing and quality control. Combined with best practices and well developed processes we are able to price competitively while spending more on quality control.

Our prices are derived from operational costs plus a minimum margin that allows us to reinvest in the development of new products. We believe in sustainable business practices, so that we can focus on your needs, your satisfaction and the development of products that create the most value for clients.

How Do We Verify Products?

We verify every batch of every product with the help of accredited independent third party laboratories. The equipment and methods required for each product vary widely. For this reason we work with several specialty labs and PhDs in analytical and organic chemistry to design our analytical methods Analytical techniques we use include NMR, FTIR, HPLC, LC-MS, GC-MS, TLC, ICP-MS, Gravimetry, UV-Vis, Titration, Melting Point, Organoleptics.

Why Is Independent Third Party Testing Important?

Third party testing helps assure you are getting exactly what you paid for. A vendor can tell you whatever they want but if an independent third party registered lab is certifying it, what they say will carry more weight.

Let’s go into detail about what that means. A third party lab is a lab that is not run by the vendor or the manufacturer (first and second parties). The third party lab should also be independent, meaning they are not controlled by the other parties and have no conflict of interest about the results of analysis.

It’s important the lab is reputable. If the lab doesn’t know what they’re doing or cuts corners it means their analysis might not be valid. There is a lot of fraud in the analytical chemistry industry, and it’s important to work with companies that value integrity and ethics. We’ve seen unethical labs ask their clients what they want the results to say, before they even get a sample in.

We work hard to assure our contract labs are both ethical and use well validated analytical methods.

What Purity Are Your Products?

All of our single molecule product purity standard is ≥99% and additive-free.

Do You Offer Custom Synthesis Or Wholesale?

Yes we do. All product listing include a bulk pricing table. If you need additional price breaks or unlisted products please contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Do You Sell Bacteriostatic Water?

We do not carry any solvents for reconstitution of peptides and we have no intention of carrying them in the future.

What Is My Product’s Shelf Life?

Unless stated otherwise we guarantee a shelf life of 2 years from the date of manufacture with proper storage and handling.

For a more detailed answer, let’s take altitude. Due to the second law of thermodynamics entropy is always increasing. As a result the active chemical molecules of a product are always degrading, albeit slowly. Eventually there will be a measurable decrease in potency. This can take several years with proper handling and storage.

Unfortunately we can’t provide a more precise answer. True shelf life is variable and in most cases little data is available for novel compounds. Shelf life decreases with exposure to heat, moisture, oxygen and sunlight, which can create free radicals and break chemical bonds. Shelf life can be extended by deep freeze (-20°C or -80°C). A powder ingredient in deep freeze could have a shelf life in excess of 10 years with minimal degradation. It is not recommended to store a liquid, oil or solution product at anything below room temperature because this will alter the solubility properties and may precipitate the mixture, rendering it non-uniform and difficult to measure without resuspension.

How Should My Product Be Stored?

My Product Was Exposed To Extreme Temperatures, Will It Be Okay?

Every molecule has its own unique decomposition process. But let’s zoom out for a moment to provide a general understanding. Due to the second law of thermodynamics entropy is always increasing. On a long enough timescale most molecules are thermodynamically unstable. The molecules in our products are always degrading, albeit slowly. Eventually there will be a measurable decrease in potency. This can take several years with proper handling and storage. Changing the temperature of storage will affect the rate of degradation.

Let’s go over common scenarios.

  1. If a product is exposed to lower than recommended temperature there will be no increase in rate of degradation, with the exception that a solution product may precipitate and thus lose uniformity.
  2. If a product is exposed to higher than recommended temperature the rate of degradation will be accelerated. For illustration let’s say a product requiring room temperature storage is exposed to 115°F, in that case there may be an increase in the rate of decomposition but this may not be measurable without months of continued exposure. Meaning you could leave a product in heat for a few days and if after it is properly stored the shelf life will still be years.
  3. If a product requires cold temperature storage, such as a deep freezer at –20°C, then the risk of degradation from high temperature exposure depends on the degree and duration and the presence of oxygen, moisture and sunlight. Oxygen, moisture and sunlight all produce free radicals and break chemical bonds that can accelerate degradation. Even so, less than 24 hours of human-tolerable temperatures will not substantially degrade any of the products we carry.


I Forgot My Password, How Do I Reset It?

Please visit the following page to reset your password:

If the system doesn’t recognize your login email it’s possible you used another email, incorrectly entered your email or checked out as a guest and never created an account.

How Can I View My Order History?

Order history is only available for registered users who have created an account. Orders placed as a guest are not visible unless you register an account with the same email address you used for checkout.

To view order history please Login or Register:

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When Will I Receive An Email Back From Support?

We usually reply within 24 hours, but most emails are answered much sooner.


Do You Have A Refund, Return Or Exchange Policy?

No, do to the nature of the products sold on our site we are unable to offer refunds or returns on any order after its status is Completed. All sales are Final.

I Entered A Wrong Shipping Address At Checkout, How Do I Fix It?

If you incorrectly entered your shipping address at checkout please contact us.

Do You Ship Outside The United States?

No, we do not offer shipping outside the United States. If an order is placed with a shipping address not within the United States, the order will be canceled immediately.


Do You Offer Free Shipping?

Yes, on all orders over $150 dollars. The shipping discount is applied automatically at checkout.

Do You Offer Bulk Discounts?

Yes, bulk discounts are offered on most of the items we sell. Please check the current list of peptides, SARMS, mushroom powders and more to see which are on sale.


I Forgot To Apply My Coupon At Checkout, What Can I Do?

Unfortunately, we cannot apply a discount coupon once an order has been placed.


How Can I Track My Order?

USPS tracking numbers will be emailed to customers as soon as the order ships. Most orders arrive in 2-3 business days after shipping.

Do You Allow Backordering On Your Site?

Yes, backordering is allowed for all products on our site.

*Please note, that backordered items will take 10-14 to ship from order date.


What Payment Methods Do You Offer?

Currently we accept Credit & Debit cards & Crypto payment options at checkout.

Can I Pay With PayPal?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept payments sent via PayPal. This is not by our choice. As a general policy, PayPal has made a willful choice to not work with the majority of bulk chemical vendors. While some smaller vendors in and out of our industry are able to offer PayPal, it is only because they have not triggered PayPal’s internal audit thresholds. We encourage additional questions or feedback regarding this policy to be directed towards PayPal’s customer support team.

Can I Pay With Amazon, etc.?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept payments sent via Amazon for the same reason we cannot accept payments from PayPal. We encourage additional questions or feedback regarding these policies to be directed towards the respective customer support teams of those companies.

Can I Pay By Western Union Or MoneyGram?

How Will This Purchase Appear On My Statement?

This will vary depending on payment method chosen. Please email us if you need to verify a transaction.


What Is Your Shipping Policy?

Most orders will ship in 2-3 business days. If you have an order with backordered items on it, what we have it stock will ship as soon as possible, and the rest will ship as soon as it is ready, typically 10-14 business days.

Do You Ship Outside The United States?

No, we only ship within the United States. If an order is placed with an address outside the U.S. it will be canceled immediately.

What Shipping Services Do You Offer?

Currently we ship USPS First Class mail and all orders over $150 will ship free.

Do You Ship To P.O. Boxes?

Yes, USPS will ship to USPS P.O. boxes.

Do You Ship To Military APO/FPO/DPO Addresses?

Can You Ship My Order Overnight?

Unfortunately no, we currently use the fastest method for shipping available.

What If My Item Is Damaged During Shipping?

All items are shipped securely and in a manner that ensures safe arrival. If this is not the case please contact us immediately with photographic evidence. Once adequately verified we will ship a replacement.